3 Google Analytics Metrics You Should Watch

Posted on September 19, 2016

When starting the process of taking account for your website and tracking what your analytics looks like, there are a few places that beginners should start looking. When logging into Google Analytics, there are so many fields – so many in fact that some get overwhelmed and don’t take the time to figure out the pieces that are essential for growing their business and knowing their numbers.

With the help of your SEO and online marketing experts here at Textus Marketing, we want to help make the process easier and get you on the path of understanding so that the next time you post new content or begin a new social campaign you can see just how much momentum you are getting!

  • Visitor Count:

This is going to be essential in knowing just how many people are coming to your website. This will also tell you the average time that they are spending on your site – so you can see if your content is compelling and interesting to them.

  • Sources

This is an awesome way to track how your campaigns and marketing efforts are going. The sources tab shows you HOW people got to your site – whether from email, Google search, Facebook or more!

  • Landing Pages

Setting up landing pages and watching the bounce rate can be a great indicator as to if what you are portraying yourself to be is accurate. If you have ads out there for a “great deal” but once the visitor lands on your site, they leave immediately, you may want to re-evaluate because it is clear that they do not think it is as great a deal as you were letting on.


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