3 Online Marketing Tips

Posted on September 20, 2015

Largo Online Marketing | Tampa SEO Company

Tampa SEO Company

1. Make sure you have an active blog on your site.

A blog is one of the most important ways to increase web traffic and overall real estate space on search engine results. Adding this content is always a valuable way to share insight and tips with your audience.

2. Make sure your website looks like how your target clients wants it to.

Think about who your target audience is. This should be what fuels you & your web design. If you are servicing someone who may not know much about computers or the internet, then it needs to be a clean and easy to use layout. If, however, you are targeting techies, then you may want to add some more complicated and interactive components.

3. Don’t stop at a website.

Join social media sites & find places to share your content. Your website should not be the only place you are spending your time and investing into!


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