A Good Reputation

Posted on February 6, 2016

Tampa Reputation Management | Largo SEO

Word of mouth is still one of the most popular ways that a brand, company, or business makes connections with potential customers. Whether this is actual face to face conversation with a friend is the only difference. Nowadays, it is so easy to find and share information with friends and strangers from all over the globe, that word of mouth has become a whole new arena. Since the formation of the internet, smart phones, and all the media that goes along with those, the spreading of information is faster and more impactful than ever.

If we asked you if having a good reputation was important for your business, we are sure that you the answer would be a resounding yes! No one wants to have their name shamed, especially when profits and livelihoods depend on it!

So, just how do you get and keep a good online reputation in today’s digital culture? It’s actually more simple than you may think.

People are going to be talking about you, whether you are online to see it or not. When people step into a store, eat a restauraunt, or attend an event, there is the natural inclination to share their expereinces with others. If it was a great one, than that’s awesome, your business get’s free press from a happy customer! But what if you don’t respond? What happens when someone raves about you on social media, but you aren’t there to see it? Well, many people get excited about the fact that brands and companies are more relatable than ever and that their questions, comments, and concerns can be made known at a moments notice.

As a company, make sure that you are present online. Be there for the good comments & thank them, show them that you value them! When there are negative comments, make sure that you answer in a way that provides them with ideal customer service and makes them feel like they have been heard. Since they are out there venting, you should be out there making it right!

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