Benefits of Blogging

Posted on July 11, 2016

Blogs are gaining in popularity each and every day and you may wonder why they have taken off and if your company really needs one. The answer comes from answering the question of, “what do you want to gain from online marketing?” If any of the below are of interest to you, then you should certainly consider adding a blog to your website.


Blogging allows you the unique opportunity to answer and educate your audience by creating an open discussion that fuels clicks to your site and comments on your posts. Blogs can be shared around your social media platforms and in your direct emails to clients so that they can read more about you, get to know your services better, and start a discussion.

Having a blog is also a great way to continually add fresh SEO content that enhances your search results. When sites are scanned for relevancy, ones that have been updated recently with valuable content are often promoted in search results. This is something that is vital for your online business presence.

If you need some help with creating a blog or updating it with weekly articles, please do not hesitate to reach out to Textus Marketing! We are here to help!