Email Marketing Mistake

Posted on June 23, 2015

Clearwater Online Marketing | Largo SEO

You need people on your email list, right? How are you going to get out all of your amazing content if there is no one signed up to receive it? The problem that many marketers then make, is resorting to purchasing those emails from a database. Sure, it’s quick, simple, and cheap, but is it worth it? Here are some tidbits of information about why you shouldn’t be purchasing lists & instead be finding your target audience and asking them to voluntarily opt in!

Clearwater Online Marketing

-If you are using a reputable software in order to send out your blast emails, you will actually notice that they don’t even allow purchased lists. They require that only opt-in lists be entered into their database. The process suddenly got a lot more difficult for you if you spent the money in order to acquire that list! That’s basically throwing away money & what business wants to do that?

-Good emails aren’t for sale. Why are these emails on a list? How many others have bought the same list and received the very address you are about to send to? Chances are good that this person’s email has been ripped to shreds by solicitors, and do you really think they take the time to read all that spam mail? Surely, yours will probably end up in the trash folder as well.

-You have no idea if someone on the purchased list knows who you are, is in need of your services, or even wants to be reached out to! Wouldn’t you rather spend your time focus on the smaller amount of people who actually asked you for info?

It’s important to gain a reputable & honest email marketing list so that you have people who care about your brand and want to learn more from you! Need help getting started? We can help with that!