Favorite Social Networks

Posted on November 7, 2016

Largo Online Marketing | Clearwater Social Media Management

Let’s get social!

Everyone & their mom is talking about social media and how great it is for your business! Don’t miss out on the fire that is SOCIAL networking! When looking for someone to handle your Clearwater social media management, look no further than Textus! We are going to show you which social sites are worth your time as a business owner.



The renowned Facebook. This is becoming less and less of a free platform for business, but if you have an advertising budget, it can produce amazing results!


Twitter may be the most interactive & quickest way to relate to your customers. It gives you the chance ot be short & sweet!


A picture says a thousand words! So why not put up some great pictures showcasing the personality of your business.

Google Plus.

We all strive to get higher rankings on Google. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Google Plus is a social network that also is very responsive to search results, giving you more of a chance to appear on Google’s first page!