Funny Marketing Mistakes

Posted on March 28, 2016

With April Fools Day right around the corner, we decided to change it up a bit this week on our blog and give you something to laugh at. Marketing can be tricky, and making your campaign juts right doesn’t always end up as planned. It’s true, mistakes happen, but these are some that we simply couldn’t pass up sharing with you!

Writing web copy for a newspaper?

It just not the same.

Copywriting Fail

Rachel Ray’s secret to a good meal

This is why punctuation matters.

Marketing Grammar Fail

YOU’RE doing it wrong

Cheaper than Cheaper? Cheaper than Cheap would have done just fine. And although I’ll be saving, I won’t smile until you learn how to write “you’re” properly.

grammar fail

Always Open. PSYCHE!

They’re always open. Except when they’re closed.

Marketing Fail

Lemonade forever? Just kidding.

Maybe they were trying to reference the Beatles, but don’t tell us it’s forever and then take it back. That’s just mean.

Marketing Fail