Guide To A Mobile-Responsive Website

Posted on October 2, 2016

Largo Reputation Management | Tampa Online Marketing

According to comScore, 60% of all internet usage is made up by smartphones and tablets. This is a very important fact & it means that we must begin making changes to the traditional online marketing & optimization of the last few years. Now that mobile is the number one way to search, what do you as a business need to do differently?

Tampa SEO Mobile Website

1. Have a responsive design.

This means that you have a website (the same URL as your desktop site!) that automatically conforms to the use of a tablet or phone.

2. Have great page speed.

Check how fast your site is loading on mobile. Chances are if it is taking too long, users will hit the back button & find another site. The main purpose of mobile searching is because it is on-the-go, so it needs to be fast!

3. Be local.

Make sure your optimization is geared toward LOCAL results as more and more people are searching for “Business Near Me” into their phones.

4. Think Concise.

Most users are not spending time reading lengthy content. Make it concise & get to your point quickly!

5. Be social!

You NEED to be on social media. Every industry can benefit from it!