How Do I Know If My Website Is Responsive?

Posted on August 29, 2016

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It seems as though the word of the year is “responsive” & if you own a business and have any sort of online presence than you have probably been hearing this over and over again. Not quite sure what it means or how it may affect your business? Look no further, Textus Marketing wants to fill you in with all the newest details regarding responsive websites!

Google is a well oiled machine & those who control their algorithms are constantly upping the standards as far as your online marketing strategy goes. As a business owner with your own website, we’re afraid you can never get comfortable! Changes are inevitable, but what is most important is that you stay up to date so that your business doesn’t fall behind.

As the online world becomes more and more competitive, Google has one top priority & that is to give it’s loyal users the best and most relevant search results for their query. In order to do this, they need to make sure that the websites they are presenting their users are up to date and are available no matter what device they may be searching on.

As of April 21, 2105 Google updated their algorithm once again, this time stating that any site that is not “responsive” will begin to lose their rankings on Google. Sounds like a nightmare, right? All that hard work & money spent on an SEO campaign that may not mean anything now? Doesn’t sound fun. The truth is that it won’t be fun, not for those who either have a separate mobile site or for those who do not have a site that is mobile-friendly.

Wondering how you can tell? Google put together a nifty site to be able to quickly let you know if you comply. Test out your site here!

Does your site not meet the requirements of the new changes?

Are you looking for a Tampa Bay online marketing company that can help you migrate your site to a fully responsive one? Textus Marketing is your one-stop shop! Contact us today & we would be happy to help you! Let’s make a big impact on the web, together!