How Important is My Web Design?

Posted on June 10, 2015

Largo Web Design | Clearwater Social Media Management

Changing & updating websites are an every day occurrence for businesses around the world, but yours hasn’t been touched in years. Why is this? Are you contemplating changing your website, but not understanding the reward it may bring? Textus is happy to assist you with your Largo web design questions so you know just how beneficial a fresh & clean site can be!

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Have you heard of a thing called, bounce rate? This is the amount of time that users spend going to your site & immedietly leaving your site. The higher it is, the worse off your website is. You see, if you have a bounce rate of 98% that means that as soon as people get to your site, 98% of them are leaving, before taking any more time to look around. Not only is this showing that you are certainly not gainging business from your website, but search engines read this data as well. What do search engines have to say? They say that even if you have done spectacular on site optimization, if users aren’t using the site, they don’t want to show you in their results. Ultimately, any rankings you hod on Google will soon drop.

You do not want this to happen to you! You have invested time & money into your site and you know that the majority of people are looking for business over the web now! So, what is it you should do?

The simple solution is to make a site people love. Your site must have a few things:

– Easy to use design

– Clear and Concise information

– Mobile-responsive

– Readily available Contact information