Insights From The CEO : GOAL!

Posted on May 18, 2015

St Petersburg Online Marketing | Tampa SEO


In sports, the goal is amazingly clear.  Win the game.

This is accomplished by measureable objectives – puck in the net, cross the goal line, run home, ball in the hoop. It is a constant amazement to me how many businesses just don’t know the goal of their online marketing efforts.

There can be only one goal – increase sales. There can be many objectives leading to that goal – (building the brand, building an opt-in database, encouraging inquiry, engaging in dialog, etc.) but all should lead directly to increased sales. Scoring a page-one search result on Google may be a great objective, but it must somehow translate to increased sales. Building an opt-in marketing database to several thousand names is admirable, but how do you use that list to increase sales? You may have thousands of Facebook Likes, but how do you engage those Likes to turn them into customers?

Bottom line – don’t get overly enamored by objectives, but rather keep your eye laser-focused on the ultimate goal of increasing your sales.