Is Blogging Good for SEO?

Posted on November 21, 2016

Clearwater Online Marketing | SEO

Looking for a quick, easy, & super effective SEO tip? Unfortunately, if you come across one, it’s likely not legit. Why is that? Because, SEO is all about consistency over time & proving your site as an authority online & that doesn’t come overnight. When handling your businesses Clearwater online marketing tactics, blogging is one of the best ways to enhance SEO value of your site.

Clearwater Online Marketing

Blogging does require time to be put in or cost, depending if you as a business owner will be doing it yourself or hiring a company, like Textus, to do it for you.

Google has advanced algorithms that scan sites for relevancy & rank their based on their findings. One of the intricate pieces of this algorithm is based on freshness of content. Adding new content daily, weekly, or monthly, allows for your site to trump the FRESH content category!

Also, creating blogs often is giving your site more pages & more URL streams to potentially hit Google’s coveted spots!

Blogging allows you to give more information about your brand, product, service to the consumer. You now have the ability to expand upon different ways that your product can be used, frequently asked questions, & more!