Is Content King?

Posted on October 17, 2016

Tampa Reputation Management | Largo Online Marketing

The content that you produce is extremely important to your business and your brand. When you are putting information out there on the web, there is a huge chance that people will find it, & that is exactly what you want. However, if you have content that doesn’t seem trustworthy, then have you hurt your business or is it no big deal? This infographic from Search Engine Watch┬áproves that if someone doesn’t believe your content, it is not just no big deal.


People want content & they want content that is relevant & helpful to why they may need you in the future. So, if you are a limousine company, you should be providing great tips on places to travel to in your town, events in the area, and reasons why your chauffeurs are the best of the best! Sharing useless information will not convert to a sale.

Be intentional on what you share & the type of content that you create under the umbrella of your brand. Need help creating some unique content? Contact us today!