SEO for Small Business

Posted on July 20, 2015

Clearwater Online Marketing | Largo SEO

What’s a small businesses worst nightmare? We would like to think that it is coming up on a page other than the first on Google search. Let’s face it. If you are a local restaurant and are coming up on the 4th page, chances are, people aren’t going to be finding you (online that is! So, how do you fix that? What is the magic potion that encourages Google to promote your site? As your Clearwater Online Marketing team, we work tirelessly to optimize your site for the best outcome online.

Clearwater Online Marketing

Here are some of the modifications & changes that we make to ensure online success:

1. Mobile-friendly website

2. Fully optimized website with proper keyword research

3. Social Media & Local Search pages claimed

4. Ongoing content (blogging)


Have you been looking for someone to help you with your online marketing growth? Here at Textus, we work with many small businesses & restaurants to ensure consistency & presence online. Contact us today for more info!