Social Media Must Do’s

Posted on November 9, 2015

Largo Online Marketing

When browsing the internet these days, it can seem like there are a plethora of rules for how to be successful on social media & how to gain and keep a following. However, not all rules apply to you & your business specifically and certainly don’t always translate into great results for your brand. We want to share some universal “do’s” that can help you succeed online.


  1. Be polite. No one likes anyone, business or human being, who isn’t first and foremost NICE.
  2. Be useful. With the content that you share, make it useful to your audience and something that will make them learn more about you or more about an industry, service, etc.
  3. Be interesting. Social media is meant to be fun! Don’t bore your clients.
  4. Be unique. No need to copy a brand that you see online. You have your own audience for a reason, they want to hear from you.
  5. Be yourself. This is the most important. Being genuinely yourself makes your customers trust you even more.

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