Spring Cleaning Your Site

Posted on April 11, 2016

Having a relevant website is extremely important & that is just the truth in 2016. In order to show your audience and the search engines that your website is relevant, you need to be sure that you have honest and accurate information on your website that correlates with what is out there on the searches. This is the time of year when many people have spring cleaning on their mind, so why not do the same for your online presence.


Here are some things you should think about cleaning up online:

  • Make sure your address, phone number, email, etc are correct across all platforms.
  • Any old employees should be taken down and their access to your site or social medias removed.
  • Take down old events, offers, coupons, etc that are past or expired.
  • Update new info, such as awards, certifications, etc.
  • Give new spring deals, tips, and info on your site!
  • Take down bad links to sites or pages on your site that no longer are active.
  • Make sure all your forms are working properly.

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