The Advantages To Having One-Site

Posted on August 15, 2016

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Search engine optimization is ever-changing! Most recently, Google has updated their algorithm to give their users the most accurate & effective websites for their search queries. What has this done for businesses with a website?

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These changes that Google has made is inviting businesses to be mobile-friendly! More users are searching for information from mobile devices than from their desktop computer. A few years back, it was common for online marketing companies to create two websites: one for mobile & one for desktop. This case was the norm, but now with the integration of so much more mobile technology & the popularity it has, search engines are deciding that your site needs to be responsive all around, not just for one category.

As your St Petersburg online marketing company, we want to help your business succeed online. Here are the reasons why it is necessary to have one site rather than a separate mobile site.

1. Google has required it: If you are interested in ranking high on Google (which we’re sure you are) then it is now required or you will start to see your ranking severely diminish.

2. It is easier to optimize: Your SEO efforts can now be solely focused on one site & your time and money is better served that way.

3. Users can jump from one platform to another: A user can now text, Facebook message, or email themselves or a friend a URL and that link will work on any device they try & open it on!

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