The Importance of a Social Presence

Posted on August 8, 2016

Social media is an outlet built for much more than teenagers catching up with their friends or families sharing pictures of their kids with one another. Social media outlets are changing the way that companies are doing business and it is allowing consumers to become more in touch with the people, brands, and organizations that they love.  According to, “social presence can be defined as the effective use of internet to propagate information regarding the business, market the brand and better understand the needs of the consumers by indulging in continuous communication with consumers.”

In a world that seems to be continually moving towards convenience and machines, social media is taking a stand to be involved uniquely and personally not vaguely and automatically. Social outlets such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and many others are allowing companies to tap into a creative and personal side of Internet marketing that is one of a kind. Some ways to get your business involved and talking with your clients and potential customers are simple and fun. Examples include:

-Posting contests/games/quizzes

-Sharing testimonials/reviews/ratings

-Sharing fan mail/pictures or videos sent in by fans

-Participating in trending hashtags

The online community of social media will ultimately broaden and strengthen the relationships with your customers as well as provide a stronger platform to be found online in search results. Contact Textus Marketing today to learn more!