Why Google Takes Your Listing Seriously

Posted on October 10, 2016

Google is all about giving their users the absolute BEST information that they can gather on the web. Many small businesses can find it difficult to keep up with the changes that Google makes and the way that they conduct their SEO strategy, but overall it is for the benefit of the user. Look at the search engine from that mindset and then do your best to incorporate their advice into your marketing plan and you may just start to see the results you are looking for.

Here’s a great story from Moz about trust online:

I don’t go to the bank that often. So when it came time, I got out my phone, punched out Google Maps, and then proceeded to walk for the next seven blocks with my face buried in my phone, checking my Twitter and email and whatever. When the little lady inside told me I’d arrived, I looked up and saw that the place was closed. Not even just closed for the day. It was closed altogether. So that is Google’s greatest fear, because if there’s one reason why you, me, anyone will stop using Google is if that happens over and over again. If I repeatedly get sent to businesses that don’t exist, if I try to call them and the call information is incorrect, then I’m going to stop using Google, and so Google takes that very seriously.

Think about this the next time you are updating information on your website. Be as TRUE to yourself and your business as you can be. You would never want to mislead someone to your site. because if they show up and immediaely leave because you didn’t give them the full truth about your services, offers, etc. Google takes notice.

The goal is to find people that genuinely are interested in what you have to offer. The more people that stick around on your site – the more Google will present it in it’s search engine!

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