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Where We Came From

Clearwater Online Marketing

Built on a solid foundation

Textus Marketing grew out of the unmet online marketing needs of small to medium sized businesses.  In today’s mobile world, every business needs a well-developed and effective online presence.  They know that their future customers are going to look for them on Google, or YouTube, or Yelp reviews.  Small to medium sized businesses recognize that they need to engage their potential customers where they live – online.  They need to have an active Social Media presence.  They need to use mobile messaging to maintain top of mind awareness.

We are the ideal online marketing partnering choice for the small to medium sized businesses.  We offer a comprehensive approach to online marketing without the high overhead of larger companies.  Like our customers, we are lean and mean.  We provide all the same services as the big boys, but at rates that fit smaller budgets.

Best of all, our customer service is second to none.  Our success is directly linked to our customers’ success, so when you call, we respond.

St. Petersburg Online Marketing

Only the medium has changed…

Thom Dupper, founder and partner,  has been involved in online marketing since 1995 when he and his team built the first website for the St. Petersburg Times (now Tampa Bay Times).  In his tenure with FKQ Advertising and Marketing, he oversaw the development of the first Tampa Bay Buccaneers website, the Dollar Rent-a-Car website, and the original Hooters website.

Over the years, Thom as been a featured speaker at national and regional industry events and has published many articles in industry publications.  He has worked with businesses all over the world helping them succeed online with integrated marketing programs.

He founded Textus Marketing in 2007 where he continues to provide high value, high quality online marketing services to a wide variety of clients.

Interested in learning more about the services Textus Marketing provides? Take a look at our online review management, social media management, & SEO services to bring your business up to speed in the online market!