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The idea of LimoWebWiz started in 1999 when we developed the first web site for Julie’s Limos here in Clearwater, Florida.  Julie Herring was a successful limousine operator and a member of Tom Mazza’s 20 Group.  From that first engagement, we were introduced to many other leading limo companies all across the country.  Since 1999, we have served the limousine industry with clients across the globe, from Los Angeles to New Jersey, from Toronto to Rome.

Thom Dupper, LimoWebWiz founder, has published numerous articles in industry publications and has spoken at regional and national limousine conferences.

LimoWebWiz also provides pro-bono services to state and regional limousine associations across the country.

In many ways, our business is very similar to yours.  LimoWebWiz offers services that are readily available from other sources, but we offer them to smaller limo operators and produce outstanding results.  Some of our limo clients have been with us for a decade or more.  They trust us with their online marketing business because we answer the phone when they call and we treat each of our customers as though they were the only customer we have.  We understand excellent service – and we practice it every day.

Finally, we understand the dynamics and challenges of the limo industry.  You don’t have to spend time bringing us up to speed on what makes your cash register ring.

LimoWebWiz professionals have worked with very large limo operators, but most of our work has been with small to medium sized operators with limited budgets and resources.

We have made an impact on their bottom lines – and we are confident we can do the same for you.

We invite you to view our recent limo website work.