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Mobile Messaging provides top-of-mind awareness of your products and services

“I know half of my advertising works, I just don’t know which half.”

After many years in the Advertising business, that’s a refrain I heard quite often from our clients.

“Spray and Pray” was what we called it. Broadcast your message out to the widest possible audience and hope that it would reach the right people – those looking for your goods and services – and at the right time.

After seeing tons of money being wasted on these types of ad campaigns, I have discovered a new advertising medium that promises a greater return at a lower cost than anything else available today – Mobile Messaging.

Simply, Mobile Messaging is a system in which your customers and potential customers opt in to your marketing list by texting a specific keyword to a specific short code phone number. As soon as they opt in, they receive a message back from you immediately, thanking them for enrolling and promising specials and discounts in the future.

Then, periodically, you can send out text messages to all those enrolled in your list. You might use the system to offer special discounts for slow days ahead; announce new services; offer incentives for referrals, etc.

The best part is that we do all the work for you. We manage the entire system from the start. Your job is to tell us what you want to send out, and we do the rest. You just sit back and handle the new business.

You can encourage people to opt-in to your list by placing the keyword and short code on all your marketing materials – everything that touches your customer. Have your staff encourage all those who call or visit to enroll.

As your customers are more and more tethered to their mobile devices, it is important that you reach out to them in ways that they are used to.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to stay connected to your customers.  We can handle every aspect of email marketing, from message creation to database maintenance and everything in between.

Text (SMS) messaging can be quite effective if used appropriately.  Text messages need to be timely and actionable.  If Thursday afternoons are slow, you can send out a message on Thursday morning with a timely special offer designed to get customers to respond immediately.

Make E-Mail Work for You

A basic rule of business: The best source of future business is your current customer.  They already know you and your level of service.

Email marketing is a very powerful and cost-effective marketing tool, especially for your existing customers.  We offer professional e-mail marketing services designed to meet the needs of the small to medium sized limousine operator.

Our services include total campaign set-up and management, including list management.

We place a sign-up form on your current website that allows your site visitors to opt in to your email marketing list.  We set up a custom immediate response email welcoming them into your list.

We work with you to generate one email per month to your list.

You will then receive comprehensive results tracking to determine who is opening your emails and who is responding to your special e-mail offers.

What a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers and maintain a top of mind awareness of you and your services.


Prices vary widely depending upon the size of your contact database and the number & frequency of your messages.  We invite you to call to discuss your messaging options so we can provide you with a detailed mobile messaging proposal.

We offer all these online marketing services across three levels of involvement.

Consultation - we work with you to determine the best course forward to build your online brand. We present a strategy and tactics document to you for your own implementation

Implementation - we set up the various tools and resources identified in the strategic plan (based on our reserach and consultation) and then either hand the keys over to you or partner with you to maintain all the tools.

Maintenance - we do everything for you. Total turnkey operation. This provides you with an ongoing window into the ever-changing world of online media. We are quick to identify and respond to new online marketing opportunities and implement those as appropriate for your business.

We invite you to call or email us to begin a dialog.
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