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What people say about your business can either hurt you or help you.

If they tell a few friends and neighbors, that’s one thing. If they post a horribly negative review of your business on Yelp or other online review site, the damage could be widespread and lasting.  Monitoring what people are saying about your business online is becoming a very important aspect of your online strategy.

Google is placing more significance on reviews.  intelligent personal assistants (like Apple’s Siri) also rely on reviews to make recommendations.

We have tools that allow us to monitor what is being said about your business – from review sites to blogs and news.  Working with you, we can either pass along these comments for your response, or respond to them as your representative.

Textus Marketing offers a complete set of reputation management services – ranging from set up to review monitoring to full reputation management.

Local Search and Review Set Up

Yelp, CitySearch, Google and Yahoo Local, Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor are the new stars of the online search scene.  Your customers are checking these sites to see what your customers are saying about your business.  In many cases, these accounts have not been claimed by the business, so they display information that may or may not be correct.  Claiming these sites is important so you can ensure that your business is presented properly and accurately.  Claiming also enables you to post photos, specials and other information of value to your customer.

We claim up to 4 review properties in your name and properly populate the information.  $400 one-time cost.

Local Search and Review Monitoring

We monitor these review sites for any mention of your business and report the findings to you for your response.  From $250/mo.

Local Search and Review Management

We monitor all reviews and respond to them on your behalf, notifying you of any reviews that need personal attention.  From $500/mo.