Mobile Friendly Websites: Why you NEED one

Posted on December 8, 2014

The days of building multiple sites for multiple device arenas is long gone, and that is great news! However, the present reality is getting businesses in more trouble on the web, without them even realizing it. In 2015 more people are using mobile phones to search for relevant information, services, and businesses than from a desktop computer. What does this mean for those of us out there with websites eagerly awaiting their business? We need to rank in their search results!

Tampa SEO Mobile Website

There is a common misconception that ranking on Google when you do a desktop search is the same on a mobile phone, and that is just not the case. With Google’s frequent updates to their algorithm, one of the advances they have made is showcasing sites that are mobile-responsive. The great new technology that web designers have come up with are sites that automatically conform to any device that the user is searching from, whether it be a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or flat screen TV. This saves you the hassle of building multiple sites for every layout, and that is a very good thing.

On the other hand, many businesses out there with websites simply aren’t up to date, and that means that although they may be ranking on the first page of Google for Florida Pizzeria, soon they will see themselves fall lower and lower as Google targets those sites that simply aren’t catering to the mobile client.

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