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Textus Marketing is a full-service online marketing services partner offering services in the following areas:

Since the dawn of the digital age, Textus Marketing professionals have been on the forefront of each technology rollout.  With vast experience with such clients as the St. Petersburg Times,  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dollar Rent a Car, Original Hooters, Melitta Coffee and many more.  We understand how your online presence is extremely important in today’s mobile world.  We have the knowledge and expertise to create the perfect blend of online marketing tools and resources to maximize your business future.

But most important, we provide the kind of excellent customer service you thought disappeared long ago.  We work hard to understand you and your business, always remembering that we have to earn your trust and business every day.

We offer all these online marketing services across three levels of involvement.

Consultation - we work with you to determine the best course forward to build your online brand. We present a strategy and tactics document to you for your own implementation

Implementation - we set up the various tools and resources identified in the strategic plan (based on our reserach and consultation) and then either hand the keys over to you or partner with you to maintain all the tools.

Maintenance - we do everything for you. Total turnkey operation. This provides you with an ongoing window into the ever-changing world of online media. We are quick to identify and respond to new online marketing opportunities and implement those as appropriate for your business.

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